Created more than 350 years ago, Praying Mantis Boxing, or Mantis Boxing for short, is an aggressive form of Kung Fu famous for its rapid aggressive striking paired with grappling techniques and agile footwork. A combination of 18 styles, Mantis Boxing combines the in-close fighting of Southern Chinese systems with the fast moving footwork of Northern systems of Kung Fu.

Because of its roots in combining styles, Mantis Boxing is completely at home in today’s world of Mixed Martial Arts training. Students are fully trained in striking with the entire body, Wrestling/Throwing, controlling techniques (joint locks, constrictions and pressure points) and weapon fighting. Training in Mantis Boxing ensures that you are learning highly effective self-defense that will prepare you for any attack.  With our philosophy of being a modern school that teaches traditional methods, we focus on a limited, proven set of training forms. This, in our eyes, is a return to the basics of what makes a martial art effective vs. overloading a practitioner with countless material that does not add value. We believe in quality basics over quantity in our training, in that a fighter who is well versed in their core training does not need to know endless flashy variations that only water down their skill set.

Our class is further refined to take advantage of the depth of Sifu Paul’s training in Matsuno Ryu Kajukebo & Jujitsu.

  • Instructed by Sifu Paul LaPointe


Developed in 1947 by American immigrants, Kajukenbo is known as the original American mixed martial art. Designed with the sole purpose of being effective at any fighting range, Kajukenbo combines the techniques of classical martial art systems: KA – Karate, JU – Judo & Jujitsu, KEN – Kenpo, and BO – Boxing.

In its creation, the founders tossed aside all techniques that did not consistently work in modern, real life situations, leaving only consistently effective techniques. Focusing on interdisciplinary forms of fighting, Kajukenbo is a proven means of self-defense with a realistic, anything goes view when it comes to training and fighting.

Matsuno Ryu Kajukenbo, which places strong emphasis on Jujitsu & Kickboxing, was founded by Kajukenbo co-founder Joseph Holck and his son Vinson Holck in 1982 to give Vinson a viable response to the situations he dealt with daily in his job as an Entry Team Member of the Tucson Police S.W.A.T. team. 

  • Instructed by Sifu Paul LaPointe
  • Instructed by Sensei Michael Reynolds
  • Youth Program Instructed by Senpai Liam Maddock & Senpai Ben Diehl.