Proven Martial Arts Fighting Systems For Realistic Self-Defense

At the Boxer’s Rebellion, we offer training in traditional martial arts & self-defense. While many schools specialize in the sport or aesthetic aspect of the martial arts, we are a school of self-defense first and foremost.  It is our view that by focusing on the self defense aspect, we returning to the roots of why martial arts were developed.

As our motto reads: Proven Fighting Systems For Realistic Self-Defense

All of our classes are a mix of old and new training methods, taught by Blackbelt instructors with a minimum of 10 years of training each in the arts they instruct.

Students are fully trained in the five areas of martial arts fighting & self-defense: Kicking, Striking, Chin Na Controlling (joint locks, constriction techniques and pressure points), Wrestling/Throwing and weapon fighting.  This training ensures that you are learning highly effective self-defense that will prepare you for any attack.

We welcome you to join us on our journey in the martial arts and all the benefits that come with.